Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing
Institute, Budni, M.P




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The  following categories of tests are conducted at the Institute:

  Commercial tests

These types of tests are meant for establishing performance characteristics of machines that are in or ready for commercial production. The following types of tests are included in this category:

           Initial Commercial tests on indigenous or imported machines ready for commercial

           Batch test on machines which have  already undergone initial commercial test and/or
               are being manufactured commercially in the country. Presently the Batch Tests are
               being conducted   on tractors and power tillers.

           Users’ Survey  forms an essential component of batch testing programme which is
               designed for assessing general performance of tractors at farmers’ fields with regard
               to the durability of the machine and efficacy of after-sale-services provided by the

  Confidential tests

These tests are carried out  for providing information to the manufacturers on the performance of their machines and any other data that may be required by them.


  O.E.C.D. Test

Tests in accordance with Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (O.E.C.D.) Official Test Codes for agricultural and forestry tractors are undertaken exclusively for export purposes however the tractors must be a regular commercial model.


  Test under CMV Rules, 1989 (as amended from time to time)

The Institute is one of the designated testing agency to evaluate tractors and other self propelled equipment for compliance to CMVR requirements being the National Testing Authority in the area of tractors and allied agricultural machines and issues CMVR certificates.

Emission Testing:

As  the  Institute  is  authorised by Govt. of India,Ministry of  Shipping  Road Transport & Highways  (Department of Road       Transport & Highways) under Rule 126 of CMV Rules ,1989 vide it`s letter No.:RT-11028/22/06-MVL,dated,4th August2006. The `Exhaust Mass Emission`testing facility for testing of diesel engines already been established at the Institute in the year of 2006.Since its inception testing is contitnued.